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Sustainably Harvested Products From                         The  Forest

   Gourmet Mushrooms

    Morel: April thru May

     Chanterelle: July/Aug.

 Black Trumpet: July/Aug.

   Shiitake: July thru Oct.

    Oyster: Sept. thru Nov.

Mushrooms are unpredictable and supplies vary from year to year. It is best to contact Jeff at 412-580-1739 in advance for pricing and to be placed on the list.

Salvaged Wood Products

  Spalted Sugar Maple

Boards from 1"-3" to 10 feet long
Unique pieces with heavy figure
Live edge slabs 2"-3" to 10' long

Red Oak

Boards from 1"-3" to 10 feet long                       Quartersawn boards                                  1 1/8" to 10' long   
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